What is ELELYSO?

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What is ELELYSO?

ELELYSO® (taliglucerase alfa) for injection is indicated for the treatment of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Type 1 Gaucher disease.

ELELYSO is also the first prescription medication to receive kosher certification from the Orthodox Union. This certification does not change the way ELELYSO is made or what goes into it.
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Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT)

An ERT is a type of medical treatment where a person receives an enzyme their body does not produce enough of, usually by an intravenous—inside a person’s vein—infusion.


ELELYSO is an ERT for patients with Type 1 Gaucher disease whose own enzyme glucocerebrosidase does not work well. ELELYSO enters Gaucher cells, where it breaks up the fatty substance that has built up, reducing the size of the cells.

ELELYSO is supplied as 200 Units per vial and is available by prescription only.


In patients 4 years of age and older the recommended dosage of ELELYSO for long-term treatment is 60 Units per kilogram of body weight, administered every other week as a 60- to 120-minute intravenous infusion. There are insufficient data to inform dosing in patients less than 4 years of age.

It is recommended that people currently on a stable dosage of Cerezyme®* (imiglucerase for injection) who are switching to ELELYSO should start on the same dosage. Your doctor may adjust your dosage depending on your response to treatment.

ELELYSO should be reconstituted, diluted, and administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional. ELELYSO is given by intravenous infusion for 60 to 120 minutes once every 2 weeks by a healthcare professional. This means you may go to a special infusion center or doctor’s office for each of your treatments. Some people are able to have their infusions administered in their own homes with approval from their doctor and insurance company.

*Cerezyme is a registered trademark of Genzyme Corporation.

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