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Pfizer Gaucher Personal Support (GPS)

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Pfizer Gaucher Personal Support (GPS)

Discover the GPS program, a resource for support with ELELYSO® (taliglucerase alfa) for injection, which is indicated for the treatment of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Type 1 Gaucher disease.

You can access your GPS Case Manager, your GPS team, and all your GPS services at one toll-free phone number, Monday through Friday 8 AM - 6 PM ET: 1-855-ELELYSO (1-855-353-5976). In case of emergency, you will be able to reach assistance 24/7 by calling this number.

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Reimbursement Support | Infusion Support

GPS is a support program that was designed specifically for people with Gaucher disease. The program was developed with input from people within the community who understand Gaucher disease, including healthcare professionals, patients, and advocates. The result is a program that is tailored to help meet your needs.

With GPS, one phone number connects you to a wide range of services to help provide a seamless support experience.

Whether you have just been diagnosed or have been living with Gaucher disease, the goal of GPS is to provide support and help navigate solutions with you.

Ongoing Support

GPS is committed to empowering you with additional resources to support you in managing your disease. This is done through your GPS Case Manager.

The GPS Case Manager is your primary contact to help coordinate your ELELYSO® (taliglucerase alfa) for injection support services. Case managers are a part of a GPS team who are all dedicated to your specific case.

You can access your case manager, your GPS team, and all your GPS services at one toll-free phone number, Monday through Friday 8 AM - 6 PM ET: 1-855-ELELYSO (1-855-353-5976). In case of an emergency, you will be able to reach assistance 24/7 by calling this number.

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Reimbursement Support

GPS offers support services for people who may need assistance paying for ELELYSO and supplies. Whether you are insured, underinsured, or uninsured, a GPS Case Manager can help identify the appropriate programs that are available to assist you.

Here are some of the ELELYSO reimbursement services GPS can help provide:

$0 Out-of-Pocket Costs for ELELYSO

An assistance program that provides eligible patients with $0 out-of-pocket costs for their ELELYSO medicine*

*ELELYSO® (taliglucerase alfa) for injection $0 Co-Pay Program Terms and Conditions apply. No membership fees required. See full Terms and Conditions below.

Additional Services

  • ELELYSO and supplies may also be available at no cost to qualified uninsured and underinsured patients
  • Help with benefits verification and preauthorization for treatment
  • Guidance in helping to maintain coverage through life transitions, including marriage, employment or insurance change, disability, and retirement
  • Assistance with insurance coverage appeals for ELELYSO

Eligible patients must meet financial qualifications and also be diagnosed with the FDA-approved indication. They must be US residents who are treated by US physicians and must complete the Patient Assistance Program Application and Patient Authorization Form.

Infusion Support

GPS recognizes that your time is valuable. That is why GPS offers a number of convenient infusion support services for people taking ELELYSO, including at-home infusions. GPS Case Managers can help arrange home nursing support with approval from your doctor and insurance company.

Here are some infusion services a GPS Case Manager can provide:

At-home Infusions

  • Assists with setting up at-home infusions, which may be helpful for parents of children with Gaucher disease and adults with busy schedules
  • Helps arrange home nursing support with approval from your doctor and insurance company

No-wait Infusions

  • At participating infusion centers, your ELELYSO infusion can be prepared while you or your child are in transit to receive treatment
  • This helps cut down on time for eligible patients and is especially helpful for people with busy schedules and children
  • ELELYSO patients may receive replacement of up to 2 doses of medication per year if they miss their appointment
  • Infusion sites can call GPS to become a “no-wait” infusion site

GPS allows patients to schedule infusions around their work and travel schedule, as well as with their travel destination. Additionally, patients can have infusions of ELELYSO delivered in their homes, or to any location that may be more convenient, through GPS. This feature is especially helpful to patients who live in rural or isolated areas and may not have access to an infusion center.

Additional Services

  • Helps schedule transportation to and from infusion centers and helps coordinate infusions while traveling
  • Provides infusion centers with information on the administration of ELELYSO
  • Sees that ELELYSO and the necessary supplies are available at infusion sites
Terms and Conditions
By using the co-pay program, you acknowledge that you meet the eligibility criteria and will comply with the terms and conditions described below:
  1. This co-pay program is not valid for prescriptions that are eligible to be reimbursed, in whole or in part, by Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, or other federal or state health care programs (including any state prescription drug assistance programs) and the Government Health Insurance Plan available in Puerto Rico (formerly known as “La Reforma de Salud”).
  2. This coupon is not valid when the entire cost of your prescription drug is eligible to be reimbursed by your private insurance plan or other health or pharmacy benefit programs.
  3. 100% of prescription co-pays will be covered for the majority of patients. Average co-pay savings is $2,000 per year. The maximum limit is $15,000 per year or the amount of the co-pay you paid, whichever is less.
  4. You must deduct the value received under this program from any reimbursement request submitted to your insurance plan, either directly by you or on your behalf.
  5. This co-pay program is not valid where otherwise prohibited by law.
  6. Cannot be combined with any other rebate/coupon, free trial or similar offer for the specified prescription.
  7. This program is not health insurance.
  8. The co-pay program is available only through the GPS program. For any questions, please call Gaucher Personal Support at 1-855-ELELYSO (1-855-353-5976). GPS Support Services, 2730 S. Edmonds Lane, Suite 300, Lewisville, TX 75067.
  9. Offer good only in the US and Puerto Rico.
  10. Coupon is limited to 1 per person during this offering period and is not transferable.
  11. A coupon may not be redeemed more than once per 30 days per patient.
  12. Pfizer reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend the program without notice.
  13. This co-pay program expires 12/31/2018.

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